How building relationships helped improve the team productivity and dynamics?

Building Relationships
Two teams working for the same product in a Global Technology giant were at distributed locations. Irrespective of they not being co-located there was a need for them to collaborate well and create innovative ways to approaching and solving a particular problem. Most of these team members from the two locations did not know each other personally but were working on tasks together. Another key challenge for the management emerged when they started looking at job and location rotation for improved results and the team members started showing reluctance.

When the management shared these inputs with us, we instantly knew the first step of the solution and proposed to work on building stronger relationships amongst these teams.

Understanding the challenge, we were to solve for our client, we designed a workshop primarily experiential as they were pressed for time and proposed to get both the teams to one location for this. Even before we got to the workshop, we created an internal team comprising people from both locations to plan for the workshop creating some level of unison already. For the workshop to be successful, we had set of the following key objectives:

  • We should be able to create an environment of Trust and Mutual Respect within the team
  • While working for team’s success people should be Mindful, be able to take Responsibility and Win and Loose as a Team.
  • They should be able to work with Diverse people and from Diverse locations
  • To inculcate the culture of Open Communication, and
  • They should be welcoming and championing Change with positive outlook
  • They should become more Emotionally Active while working in a team

To achieve the outlined objectives, we planned a series of games preluded with an experiment to explain why we do not collaborate with all sorts of people and how with a change in perspective towards other people we may be able to create better and synergized teams. Each activity was followed by a reciprocation as to what could possibly be learnt about team dynamics through the activity. To make sure that people understand the relevance and seriousness of the event, we had suggested the management to announce one change in form of a team member’s location and role rotation at the end of the event.

The workshop was designed keeping in mind that learning happens the most when people are having fun, but we never let go of the seriousness of the theme during the workshops as each activity was tied to how to be a better and high performing team. What we could achieve through this workshop was impactful and:

  • By the end of the event people had worked closely with people from the other location striking a relationship
  • The communication in the group had started to flow in seamlessly
  • The mind-blocks about team members from the other location had started to vanish
  • There was a sense of belonging that we could see at the end of the workshop
  • People had agreed to work in different roles and locations based on the need of the product
  • The Change of location of one of the employees was welcomed by both the employee and his team in the new location

The program also allowed the people to talk about similar situations they have been before and what were the challenges that faced them and how they are going to handle them going forward.

Client: Global Leader in Technology

Strength: 30,000

Services: People Development

Engagement with Team: 4 Weeks

Workshop Duration: 8 hours

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