Organizations today need to innovate to have a sustained competitive advantage, however it has been a challenge as innovation requires a different skillset, mindset, planning and strategy. Innovation requires a very different mindset to be developed. We help our clients to innovate, by bringing them the expertise of innovation while they bring their subject matter expertise. For e.g. A team wants to evolve their product to the next level. We will help them by taking the team through the various phases of design thinking process step by step, over a period of few weeks, till they arrive at the innovation. The entire process is managed by our team. Sessions like ‘Empathy sessions’ are conducted; then insight generation and brainstorming / SCAMPER etc. are done till we reach idea generation; prototyping if any and finally arriving at the product/service/platform. This is a one of its kind service that we provide and can safely assume to be the pioneers in India.

Under the Innovation Capability Partners Services we have – Innovation Culture and Process Development Program and Intrapreneurship Program. The details of both programs are as follows.

Innovation Culture and Process Development

We partner with organizations to help them develop the innovation culture within. How to structure innovation within your company? How do you manage expectations and where do you start? We guide large enterprises to roll out a hands-on approach to explore new options for growth.

  • How to develop Innovation Culture in your company, Where to Start
  • When to Innovate and What to Innovate
  • How to form the Innovation Teams, Run Successful Pilots
  • How to Propagate the Culture

Intrapreneurship Program

As part of this program, we push the teams out of their comfort zone and help develop the required mindset and skill set to innovate within their projects. It could be as simple as coming up with an evolutionary innovation or as big as a revolutionary innovation.

  • Developing Skill for Creativity and Innovation Through Workshop
  • Taking the Team Through Innovation by Partnering as Innovation Managers
  • Fail Fast Methods and Techniques, Tools used to Accelerate and Catalyze Innovation