What is it?

Simple conversation has a potential to unleash powerful ideas, ideas that can move mountains. Coffee with Kaaran (with a reason) is Kognitivus’ initiative to facilitate those conversations with our industry experts, over a cup of coffee.

We believe that some of the ‘People’ related challenges in organizations need detailed L&D and People strategy efforts to solve. However, there may be some challenges which could be addressed with a simple, 1 on 1 consultation.

The conversations are intentionally designed to take at a coffeehouse and not in your office premises. The intent is to provide an environment that may encourage free flow of ideas.  We also ensure that what’s discussed here stays here.

Who is this for?

Coffee with Kaaran is for you if you are leading an organization or a team (minimum 8 years of experience) and :-

  • Would like an experts perspective on current people related issues in your team
  • Are looking for an advice on self development or leadership development in general

Success Stories of Coffee With Kaaran

We are surrounded by Corporate MahaGurus and bombarded with several management principles and human resource behavioral issues all the time. But for once and to my pleasant surprise, met a Guru who not only preaches, promises an action plan best suited to your work environment, and whats more… end to end hand holding!
Indeed Coffee with a purpose & thoughts to ponder…

Anuradha V - Finance Head - Emerson

To my surprise, I was lucky enough to get a session with Siddharth (Sid). I was under extra pressure of being on time for the session as I knew he would be on time, that’s his personal standard. I had thought of three four topics to talk about just in case to accommodate for any buffer time we may be left with. But as the session started , it was so free flowing that it felt more like a conversation where Sid reassured me and addressed my concerns calmly. One thing about him is he makes you so comfortable that you can choose to voice out if you disagree with him and he’s open towards listening to a different viewpoint.
All in all, it’s a one of a kind of coffee for me. Leaving me refreshed.

Richa J - ZS Associates

I would like to thank Siddhartha for spending his valuable time with me on call yesterday. I feel honored. Talking to him was a great learning and nice experience. I heartily thank him for giving me appropriate and correct advice and suggestions in order to clarify my confusion in this Corona situation. I was relaxed after the conversation and proceeded as per his advice. I would be happy to stay in touch with him continuing the correspondence of thoughts in future.

Ashish Vyas - Independent Tech Consultants

The session with Siddharth was very good and was a pleasant experience. He is a thorough professional and has very good and deep knowledge of all aspects of businesses as well as job market. He gave proper and valid advice with examples. Overall its very satisfactory session with all the queries answered.
He also mentioned to connect in future and I would love to take his advice going forward. I wish Siddharth and Kognitivus all the very best.

Pramod H - Senior IT Analyst with a global technology company

As a new Entrepreneur, I faced a lot of challenges in growing my business. One such challenge was Human Resource – right from acquiring, training, motivating and retaining. At this time, I learnt about “Coffee with Kaaran” and chose to speak to Mr. Siddharth Dubey, a good friend and a great mentor/trainer. And boy, it was the best decision to talk to him. He showed me a world of practical human resource management techniques and helped me put my business in growth path.
Thanks Siddharth and “Coffee with Kaaran”. Really a lot of problems can be solved over a cup of Coffee.

Pratibha I - Co-Founder - MYVRIN Life Science

Siddhartha taught me to deal the issues with positive attitude & also the right approach to work upon the skills, ethics, discipline. He believes that when you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Shubham J - Student at ISBS, Pune

It was a wonderful session where I learned, got perspective on how right attitude and mindset can help you keep going. He answered all my questions regarding where to start from, how to plan things, choosing between a job and starting a business etc.

Sahil C - Student at ISBS, Pune

Siddhartha is one of the best leadership coach! It is always a great learning experience with such a passionate leadership champion. During a Coffee with Kaaran session, I had the opportunity to learn about identifying blind spots and transforming communication styles. I would definitely recommend connecting with Siddhart if you want leadership coach to transform your organization or improve your leadership skills.

Radheshyam M - Senior Strategic Consultant

Speaking with Siddhartha has always been delightful and insightful. The most valuable thing a person can give you is time and that is something Siddhartha will give you without any inhibitions. He is an excellent listener and when he’s heard you out, he will say things in a fashion that could stay in one’s subconscious mind. And the benefit of reprogramming the subconscious mind is that it becomes a habit. This was my first formal session with him but before that we have spoken while he was conducting a session in my previous company. He never hesitates to impart knowledge and it is of the kind that stays well ingrained in your mind. Another point that I would like to highlight is that speaking with Siddhartha is all about feeling positive and hopeful. You may be having the worst day but it’s his infectious smile, his patience, his mindful listening and his lavish conversations that will leave you feeling charged to face the problems you are going through with renewed strength.

Kajal R - 3.5 years experience

I am really glad to have the session with Mr Siddhartha. Keeping the positivity through the different phases of life’s personal and professional challenges is not easy, but Mr.Siddhartha has been helpful and we are very happy to have such a mentor with us. Hope his bond with ZS and his support will continue with us in the future as well. God Bless you all!

Navneet K - 6 years experience

How it works???

It’s a simple 3 step process to schedule a “Coffee with Kaaran” discussion

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No Money Back Guarantee as there is No Money involved

Please note that this initiative comes at a cost of your will and grit, so there is no money back guarantee as there is no money involved in this. This is a small service towards fulfilling our purpose at Kognitivus Training and Consulting LLP.