How a workshop on Idea generation lead a product tech team to create strong idea pipeline for innovation?

Idea Generation
A global consulting and provider firm working towards transforming sales operations into a strategic competitive advantage for their clients is in constant need to innovate to provide world-class products and services in this dynamic business environment. The product development team of the firm enables sales improvements with a set of native, no-code, highly-scalable cloud platforms to easily and quickly adapt to change. To provide cutting edge solution, the group gets together under an event of Hackathon to create an idea pipeline that can be utilized for future. The product director identifies a huge potential in the team to develop great ideas only if they know how to generate ideas for innovation better.
Kognitivus approached the problem by interviewing the director of products and few members of the HR team to understand the key challenges and then created a 3 step solution to ensure that the key objectives of the organization, that is to have a strong and better idea pipeline for their product, is met. The solution comprised of:

  • Workshop: The workshop was designed for generating ideas using the principles of design thinking methodology, primarily focused on techniques of observation and client journey mapping. Our team, created live activities by on ground picture and video collection, for the real life problems of city that demand innovative solutions. The groups in the workshop worked towards creating ideas for innovation for two live problems. The group had to go out of the room for observation and collect real life data to work on the ideation for solution to the problem. Towards the end, the groups presented their solutions which were totally different from what seemed to be an obvious one.
  • Idea presentation framework: An idea presentation framework and template was created and shared with the group, to be able to articulate their innovation for feasibility, viability and desirability systemically.
  • Hackathon: The groups applied their learnings in a hackathon using the principle and techniques learned in the workshop.

The solution designed and delivered by Kognitivus ensured that all the key objectives of the program were achieved.

The impact of this program was manifold and can be elaborated as under:

  • The most direct and tangible impact of the program showed immediately in the hackathon where the quality of ideas for innovation was significantly high leading to a very strong idea pipeline for the year.
  • The framework for idea presentation enabled the teams to consistently present their ideas and the framework enabled them to think holistically across all aspects of innovation.
  • The innovation mindset development of the people led them to have a growth mindset in other aspects of work and life and unleash their creative side.

Client: Global provider Sales Performance Management Consulting and Technology Company

Strength: 400+

Services: Innovation Capability Development

Duration: 3 days – spread across a month

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