Our People Strategy offerings are designed to manage and set the internal environment for the success our client organizations have set themselves up for, while they focus on doing what they do the best, winning and delivering business

How we help our clients???

We, at Kognitivus believe that each resource and the environment around it have the ingredients of making an organization successful. There is a need to carefully engage and develop these resources which is an investment of time and effort. We invest that time and effort for our clients to help them create an engaging culture and develop the resources according to the roadmap set by the client organization. This gives our clients the liberty of focusing on their business and their strategy for business growth.

  • We begin with assessing the current story of the organization and what are their organizational goals
  • We then assess alignment and capability gaps through immersive techniques like survey, appreciative interviews and observations to generate insights. Our 4D Culture assessment model helps us assess the alignment to culture and
  • Our solutions are designed based on the insight learnings which may be a mix of People Development and People Strategy, Leadership Development to Common group development, implementing new and relevant frameworks and processes etc.
  • Our programs are designed with the help of extensive and relevant research work

Kognitivus’ People Strategy Offerings

We have successfully evolved and delivered People Strategy engagements like helping organizations define their Mission, Vision & Core Values to Designing and Creating their Competency Frameworks. We are there to engineer all it takes, to be a better organization!! Being ardent believers that a culture of an organization is key to its overall success, we help clients assess their culture and help them evolve one that leads their way to their goals.

Our offerings are customized with precision, according to the need of every client and is based on internal and external research. To achieve the best outcome, we devise unique techniques like Marathon meetings, Immersive interviewing, Culture mapping etc. Last but not the least, we partner closely with each client so that the core strengths of their culture are never lost or diluted.