We are living in the knowledge-based economy where continuous learning is one of the most important parameter to stay competitive. The organizations today are dealing with a diverse population ranging from baby boomers to X gens to new age professionals and all of these do not necessarily believe in getting the learnings in the same way. Organizations need to build a culture and provide an environment where employees are driven to learn from every possible opportunity.

We partner with our clients to bring in this change so as to keep their employees motivated, engaged and on top of their game when it comes to learning and development. Our uniquely designed offerings in this area are not based on skills but on the competency and hence aims to solve a particular business need as opposed to a generic skill need.

Under People Development Services we conduct two main programs – Boot Camp Program and Open Learning Program. The details of both the programs are as follows.

Boot Camp Programs

  • At the beginning of the career, ‘Being in demand’ is the only way to grow as that is what keeps one engaged in projects. Apart from technical skills, there are various soft and hybrid skills which one needs, to Be in demand. This program helps to develop some of the core competencies required by the junior 0-4 years’ experience group, to adopt a growth mindset and develop the required competencies for growth.

  • The middle management group is one of the most important links in the organization chain as they are the link between the leadership group and the fresh employees of any organization. Because of this, there lies a huge responsibility for this group to continue to be competent and world class. This requires them to continuously practice and build the skills which will help them in conducting their day to day job effectively, while being up to date with the latest trends in the industry which impacts their projects.

  • Great leadership excites people to deliver exceptional performance in their work. Great leaders are able to dynamically adapt to respond to their followers based on their needs and are still able to remain true to who they are. Leaders in any organizations are the one responsible for shaping the culture of the organization and that comes with a lot of responsibility. Leaders are not just born but also created with regular practice of the right skills which then become their trait. For a leader, it’s not only important but imperative to be lead self so as to be able to lead other.

Open Learning Programs

These are customised workshops based on specific needs of our clients which are tied to the business goal. Below are some of the examples of the program

  • Context Based Communication
  • Story Telling in Business Presentations
  • Managing Millennials
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Situational Leadership
  • Being Efficient and Productive