We believe that every human has a potential to be better at whatever they are doing. We also believe, if people are empowered with knowledge and coached to develop the right skills, they can unleash the potential within to achieve wonders. Our vision is to help people develop their physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual abilities in the right mix, in order to reach their full human potential. We do not just focus on what to achieve, instead our focus is on HOW to achieve the WHAT.

Our team works passionately, to bring together the science, art and industry experience to devise unique programs and solutions in the area of people development. Our approach is holistic, as our programs comprises of the best of eastern philosophies and the western methodologies.


With Kognitivus, you have a partner who will work with you, to understand your situation and then offer a solution which is tailor made for your specific need. We are committed to not just deliver the solution but be there to help you implement it and measure it. We strive to help you succeed and that matters most to us.

Our guide posts are our values, which we are proud of. Our values allow us to take the right decisions in the most complex situations. We are 100% committed to our values and under no circumstances we let them be compromised.


Our values can be summarized in Sanskrit phrase by the great economist Chanakya which is “Sukhasya mulam Dharmah”  which means the root of happiness and satisfaction lies in the ability to do the right thing. To achieve this core value some of the principles we follow are

  • Respect all
  • Communicate without barriers
  • Build trust
  • Deliver experience
  • Be a Knowledge seeker
  • Integrity
  • Give back to society


With our work and services, we strive to create a workforce which is not only optimally skilled but also satisfied and engaged with their work. We believe, this will allow people to enjoy what they do and the happiness within will help them lead a better life both professionally and personally.

We also encourage our team members to give back to society in the form of knowledge or being connected to any organization which is engaged in social services.

We also offer free enrollment to needy students in Our campus program ‘Being in demand’.

Our Team

    Siddhartha Dubey
    Founding Director & CEO
      Shambhavi Dubey
      Director - Operations
        Riah Srivastava
        Associate Consultant
          Rupa Susarla
          Associate Consultant
            Mitul Khurana
            HR Consulting Manager

            Our Mentors

            Educator, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Philanthropist, Thought Leader

            Dr. Manu Vora - Chairman and President, Business Excellence, Inc.

            Thought Leader, Corporate Adviser, Leadership Mentor, Keynote Speaker & Author.

            Bharat Wakhlu - President, The Wakhlu Advisory (TWA)

            Media Recognitions

            Siliconindia Magazine – 10 Most Promising Workforce Development Companies 2022

            Kognitivus Training and Consulting recognized by 10 Most Promising Workforce Development Companies 2022 Award from Siliconindia Magazine, with acknowledgement and applaud to the company’s myriad services, and ingenuity to leverage the best practices in presenting unique methodologies to address complex business demands.

            Business APAC Recognition Certificate

            Leading Consulting Companies 2020

            Kognitivus Training and Consulting is recognized by Business APAC Magazine in the latest issue, Business APAC’s Leading Consulting Companies 2020 features leading consulting companies that are going beyond the imagination to provide their services and solutions.

            Emerging Consultant Start-ups in Maharashtra 2019

            We are recognized by Insights Success magazine in an annual listing of “Emerging Consultant Start-ups in Maharashtra 2019” which are taking the consultancy business to the next level. Also had a chance to get our feature published in the magazine.

            Insights Success Recognition Certificate

            Press Coverage


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