A good People Strategy helps organizations overcome the challenges in delivering the bottom line results.
Organization Development Services
Organizations need to build a culture and provide an environment where employees are driven to learn from every possible opportunity.
Soft Skill Development Services
Today organizations need to innovate however it’s been a challenge as innovation requires a different skillset, mindset, planning and strategy.
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Our Work Process

We solve people problem and for people and hence our approach is people centric which is an advanced version of customer centric approach. We do not believe in 1 size fit all approach. Our approach is a unique combination of human centered design which is empowered with fact based analytics.

Listen with immersive empathy and data.
Generate insights for which we solve.
Design solution with research and experience.
Implement solution for defined groups.
Measure the impact and refine as the need be.

The most important part of our approach is to listen and immerse. As partners who are trying to solve a critical problem for a customer, we aim at listening to their story. Listening well, and that means we listen beyond what they are saying trying to gauge deeper and deeper. We believe that if we do not listen to solve, we would never solve.


Siddharth engaged with us to understand the leadership development needs for our consultants and designed a fit for purpose program. He personally led the sessions with our emerging leaders and helped them develop a sense of leadership traits, ownership, enhanced communication skills and how to handle unstructured situations. It was a fulfilling experience working with Siddharth and Kognitivus.

Vikesh Doshi - Principal - ZS Associates India Pvt. Ltd

Our experience working with Siddhartha on a leadership development program for our consultants was exceptional. His expertise in leadership and professional development helped our team unlock their full potential and achieve new levels of success. Through his insightful coaching and hands-on approach, Siddhartha created a dynamic and engaging learning environment that was both challenging and supportive. We are thrilled with the results of the program, and we would highly recommend Siddhartha to any organization looking to develop their leadership skills and achieve their goals.

Satyajeet Yadav - Associate Principal - ZS Associates India Pvt. Ltd

Highly energetic, young and full of enthusiasm team of Kognitivus Training and Consulting LLP has a major share in our learning initiatives at TomTom India during the year 2016. The learning programs are well researched and always rich in content. The faculty grabs each participant’s attention by relating to their day to day challenges and provides very simple, doable solutions to overcome those. Kognitivus all faculty members have earned respect & reputation among employees of TomTom as a result of their in-depth knowledge, out of box thinking and bringing forth real life scenario. Wishing them the very best for future endeavors.

Daya Makwana - Manager HR - TomTom

We have a highly spirited team with one of the core values being – do the right thing. Over years, we realized that alignment is necessary even with such a core value. After evaluating 4 leadership and development companies, we were glad to narrow down to Kognitivus. It was an amazing experience from thereon. Kognitivus team first spent few weeks observing the organization and then came up with a plan which was highly tailor made for us. Unlike other “trainings”, the team thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, workshops and one-on-ones. The insights about our company and culture we received in this process were priceless. Lastly, Kognitivus Training and Consulting LLP team was highly professional in their approach and engagement and ensured that we finish the program even with scheduling challenges. We ended up renewing our contract with another batch and certain further long term activities.

Mahendra Yadav - CEO - Tavisca

We’ve been partnering with team Kognitivus since Jan 2016 and it has transformed the way we were conducting our learning initiatives specially towards people strategy and people development along with developing organizational growth & culture. The study was well-designed and executed flawlessly. The content was crisp, clear, and useful. Kognitivus Training and Consulting LLP did a great job, from strategic thinking, using in-depth knowledge of methodologies and development practices to how-to’s and real life examples with quantifiable outcomes. They are real knowledgeable, creative & inventive. We immediately have been able to apply the insights, methods & techniques to our learning program.

Varoon Rajani - CEO - BlazeClan

The hands-on exercises were my favorite part of the whole workshop. I think that the activities were cleverly used for enforcing the concepts being taught or for highlighting the need for effective communication. Kognitivus’ Teams energy is infectious and their ability to engage every member from the audience is commendable. Their ability to include humor and share personal experiences to convey the point makes them really effective. The vast spectrum of references included in the sessions – from yoga techniques to tips from best sellers – makes them a complete package. I see people already practicing some of the techniques suggested during the workshop and that is proof that these sessions actually work!

Yash Sapra - Director Professional Services - Optymyze

Subject matter expertise for pharma sales ops, lively orators, great sense of direction and very hands-on when it comes to handling audience. That’s how I’d describe Kognitivus’ team from sessions we had with them. Right from discussing training topics, researching, creating meaningful content, Kognitivus Training and Consulting LLP puts in all the flavors and hard work into their prep work. Here’s wishing them many more successes as they moves ahead.

Wajah Dhalani - Director, Software Development - Arezzo Sky

We had partnered with Kogntivtus Training and Consulting LLP for developing our Front-Line Managers. The course curriculum and the session were devised in joint consultation. The relevance, methodology and the curriculum ensured that we got repeated requests from employees to hold further sessions. As they say proof lies in the pudding, we see a marked difference in the behavior of our new Managers.

Sandeep Datta - Head HR - S G Analytic

I’m Amit Jain, cofounder of Incentius and Aurochs Solutions. We build innovative cloud-enabled business intelligent platforms and solutions using secure and scalable technologies for enterprises. We have been working with Kognitivus particularly with Siddhartha Dubey for many years and decided to reach out to them during these trying times to leverage their expertise. Because of the Covid-19 situation, we shifted to the WFH environment for an extended period and hence wanted to understand the overall impact on our workforce. Kognitivus team came up with a comprehensive framework to understand the impact on various important parameters such as productivity, well being, engagement, and team dynamics. They presented their findings with easy to use visualizations and actions. Their research helped us increase our workforce productivity and engagement in the current WFH environment. I highly recommend Kognitivus for organizational development and people strategy services.

Amit Jain - Co-Founder - Incentius and Aurochs Solutions