How a culture assessment revealed insights for future growth?

Alignment and Growth
A growing technology company with its business spread globally was looking to take a leap in growth, however they had not been able to do so for reasons unknown. They had been successful in the last 10 years however, the same growth formula didn’t seem to work, and they invited Kognitivus to discuss the same.

Kognitivus’ engagement started with a casual discussion around some workshops and sessions to be conducted for people. When Kognitivus inquired “Why they need to do what they are suggesting?” they shared some of the observed behaviors/challenges within the organization. Some of them are as below

  • Everyone is asking for Training which is non-technical
  • We have been struggling in promotions and rewarding people right, the dilemma was now who would you promote, someone who is great innovator but an average team player or a great team player and an average innovator
  • A lot of our leadership meetings come to an Impasse within few minutes of start, leading to delay in some of the important decisions
  • People prefer working with a certain set of leaders only
  • We have done so much for people still we don’t see that kind of growth in our organization

And many more, similar points were unearthed during our discussions. It was very clear to us that this is surely not just a people development challenge but it has its root much deeper in the culture of the organization. We also suggested that all of these could be opinions, some could be facts, while others could be fact based opinions, rumors etc. and advised them to go for a holistic culture assessment which will unearth the root causes to the observed symptoms.

We proposed a detailed assessment of the organization using the Design Thinking Immersive approach of Kognitivus to sieve out facts from opinions and hearsays and arrive at some of the key actionable insight.

We wanted to assess what people are saying, why are they saying it and how are these things translating into a behavior. To do so, our immersive approach employed the following instruments

  • Survey: The questions of our survey have no right or wrong answers. This is the unique feature of the survey and we would not ask you to select form a range of “Completely Disagree to Completely Agree”. We designed the surveys to capture specific behaviors and the answers would align to one of the cultures in an organization. The Surveys were different for Leadership and rest of the people in the organization. The surveys captured “WHAT PEOPLE SAY”
  • Interviews: We did an immersive interview using the design thinking method of interviewing, and capture what people care for. This was done by selecting a subset of employees with different extreme behaviors or different profile representing a set of people. The interviews captured “WHY PEOPLE SAY SOMETHING”
  • Observation: we did a detailed hours long observation of people in their work environment to capture “HOW THEY BEHAVE” based on what they say and why they say it. Observation was done over a period of few days and a non-judgmental approach was used to capture behavior of people with the people, behavior of people with the environment and behavior of people with the things around in different circumstances.

After inputs from all the above-mentioned instruments, we connected all the information using our proprietary algorithm and came up with key Insights, which were actionable and non-obvious and showed us the future path. The Key insights were presented to the leadership group and was immensely appreciated as it captured most of the non-obvious scenarios and situations and how to work towards addressing them.

The process of insight generation, the meticulous effort to capture information and the mechanism to share the insight candidly, gained the trust of the leadership and they acknowledged all the things they learned and the clarity of next steps to work on, with immense confidence. All the opinions and heresays were replaced with facts that lead us to provide targeted Development on two fronts

  • Designing the business blueprint for people strategy and execution
  • Helping leadership develop skills and common vocabulary to address growth challenges

In-depth, accurate and comprehensive insights gave a clear direction to work on and with multiple initiative including Leadership Development, Competency Framework design and Creed identification & alignment process. This paved way for implementation of short term and long term initiatives that have started showing the progress, in terms of more aligned leaders and people energies utilized more optimally.

Client: Domain Specific Technology Company

Strength: 300+

Services: People Strategy

Duration: 2 months

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