Case Studies


Enabling the workforce of a global tech product firm to innovate and generate patents from their India office

  • This global tech firm had established their office in India 8 years ago
  • In past 8 years, they had filed only 1 patent from India and wanted the India team to be more innovative
  • There seemed to be the fear of failure and mindset was to finish one’s work .
  • There was also a self-limiting belief in the group that they were not creative enough for innovation
  • The key mindset of the people was assessed using discussions as a tool with key stakeholders
  • Program were designed for learning and development and were tied to the agenda of upcoming innovation day, 2 months down the line from the start of the program
  • Detailed research was done on creativity principles and innovation methodology and 3 learning and development sessions were designed to be delivered keeping in mind the psyche of the team going through these sessions
  • Delivered the program in a classroom setting over a period of 1 month for the group the sessions were on “Problem Solving and decision making”, “Unleashing ones Creative Potential” and “Overcoming fear of failure”
  • Provided frameworks for every concept and provided the learning material online in creative ways for quick revision of the concepts
  • Conducted the group clarification session to allow them to clarify the doubts and ensure adoption of learnings
  • The group learned the concepts and practiced them in the session using workshop and case studies and they were made to develop on an idea within the session
  • There were 6 ideas submitted from the group of 20 for the innovation day , out of a lot of all the other ideas submitted within the company
  • On the final day, out of 15 ideas selected for presentation to the founders, 3 were from the group who went through this program
  • Organization decided to take up other capability development programs at a larger scale