Case Studies


Re-designing the organizational structure of an organization post its acquisition by a US firm and aligning to their business strategy and culture

  • There is sense of misdirection among the leadership group that leads to decision paralysis
  • There seem to be lack of clarity in growth direction at all levels
  • Leadership decisions take lot of time and at times they are stuck with impasse
  • Leadership decisions take lot of time and at times they are stuck with impasse
  • Conducted detailed assessment of the team and its work culture, and devised a strategy to come up with the most relevant organizational structure
  • Designed the new structure with multiple parameters including the culture of the organization, the current leaders’ mindset and culture of the workforce in India
  • A phased roll out and measurement of adoption of the new structure by various teams and ongoing feedback mechanism to ensure issues are addressed upfront
  • The workshop was conducted as an offsite using an appreciative inquiry approach and was extremely successful two days work with the 10 leaders of the organization
  • The assessment of leader and environment was done with a thorough approach involving various instruments like BEI interview, 270-degree survey and team interview, helping create an Individual Development Plan for each leader. 1:1 coaching, and group sessions conducted to ensure leadership development
  • The Research on PMS provided 6 key areas for modification and the governance dashboard recommendation kept the overall initiative on track over time
  • The entire organization transitioned smoothly into the new structures because of the approach of creating champions in the organization to propagate it
  • New Terminologies to define the structure gave a more humane feel and more purpose driven feel to the change
  • The intrinsic motivation of people was tapped in and more self driven teams were created by the structural change itself
  • New structure motivated people and kept the attrition at lowest
  • Created a new brand value for the organization in the minds of techies who wanted to work with this kind of organizational structure