Case Studies


Leadership team of a mid-sized IT Company wanted us to help them analyze the alignment gaps that exist in their organization

  • There is sense of misdirection among the leadership group that leads to decision paralysis
  • There seem to be lack of clarity in growth direction at all levels
  • Leadership decisions take lot of time and at times they are stuck with impasse
  • There is a perception that people are used to certain type of lifestyle at their workplace and any change may invite people issues
  • Research on how to use Design Thinking technique to generate insights to learn alignment gaps
  • Research on how to make sure that the Surveys, Interviews and observation are designed in a way that we capture the most authentic and relevant information
  • Presented a 6 week plan during which we conduct surveys, interview employees and conduct observation experiments and present insights after thorough analysis
  • A 5-week alignment gap analysis project was planned with the following activities: Listening - - Survey - Interviews - Observation - Analysis - Generating Insights - Presenting Insights
  • Disrupted the self image of the organization wherever necessary, making the Leadership team aware of facts/issues they were unaware of. Now that they know the issues, they have taken the first step towards fixing them in partnership with Kognitivus
  • Created awareness about the competencies of the current Leadership team and how they need to evolve and a detailed L&D plan for Leadership competency emerged