Case Studies


Helping assess the leadership competencies of CXOs of a fast-growing Cloud Technology firm and coaching them to move the organization to next level on Org. Maturity Model

  • The client organization, a cloud engineering and technology company based in Pune, was at the verge of a steep growth as per their market position
  • Their Pune site of about 350 people had immense passion and talent to support the growth, however the organization had seen higher rates of attrition due to trust depletion over and unevenness in culture
  • The challenge was to help the leaders develop competencies which can revitalize the environment of trust in the organization and create a strong customer centric culture to assist with the growth and sustainability
  • Our approach had two important phases where in phase 1 we assessed the organization environment and the leaders on our proprietary ECG framework to identify the core of the issue
  • In Phase 2 we created a comprehensive leadership assessment report for each of the CXO leading to their individual development plan(IDP). .Also helped them identify and articulate the originations core values for propagation. The IDP’s were used to then craft a coaching strategy and each of the leader was coached on the competencies based on their IDP
  • A Tailored survey of the organization and an interviews of some key people was conducted to identify the core issues faced by the organization
  • A Behavioral Events Interview (BEI) for each of the leaders was conducted by expert leadership coach and mentor and with inputs from survey and interviews, a detailed ECG (Excellence connection and Growth)report was created for each of the leaders helping them to create their IDP
  • Each leader was coached individually, and a group coaching session was conducted to ensure leadership alignment
  • The core values were articulated for the organization and means to propagate them was shared with the HR team
  • As a result of the group coaching session a a common language was created among the leadership group to openly and candidly share their apprehension about each others style of working, leading to high degree of alignment and trust in leadership group, where they were able to align on how they would work together towards the broad vision
  • Individual 1:1 coaching session helped the leaders develop their competencies which they were lagging on to bring further alignment and adoption of the learnings in their day-to-day life, leading them to be better leader and winning back the trust of their employee, curbing attrition over time
  • They were also able to propagate their core values, which created evenness in culture and eventually they were empowered to take organization to the next level of maturity and growth, along with sustenance. They also earned the certificate from “Great Places to work”
  • Forbes magazine, recognized the CEO of the company as top 100 People managers in India after this intervention