Case Studies


by Economic Times, Transformed their managers to Coaches and institutionalized the process as part of their Future ready organization agenda (Jan 2023 - Aug 2023)

  • Saviant, a company with expertise in building industry-centric solutions & data platforms for industrial expertise, has seen a good growth since its inception and was recognized as future ready organization by Economic times in 2022-2023.
  • To execute the agenda of being future ready and to serve its customers better it has identified the following opportunities 1. Create deeper coaching and leadership competence amidst the leadership group of the organization to lead better. 2. To create the tangible and intangible structures in the organization which will sustain the learnings and thereby hold the gains.
  • Kognitivus followed its immersive approach to establishing the context by assessing the organizations for first few weeks to understand all the said and unsaid structures, processes, Language, practice, rituals, traditions along with people’s mindset.
  • A unique coaching framework was to be created using the co-creation method for the leadership group so that it can include the learning the group already had from their internal setup of coaching methodology
  • To ensure that change was deployed and sustained, framework has to be created to ensure its institutionalization so that people can adhere to common practices
  • Detailed Organization culture assessment was deployed The Competency framework for coaching competencies was designed
  • Leaders were assessed on the competency frameworks using a 360-degree assessment approach
  • Based on assessment, group and individual development reports were created and capability building sessions were conducted
  • Co-Creation appreciative inquiry approach was used to arrive at the detailed coaching framework
  • The framework was rolled out while leaders worked on developing competencies and conduct their coaching sessions with renewed processes and knowledge.
  • Manager are more self-aware and better equipped to handle different leadership challenges due to group coaching and 1:1 sessions
  • Common vocabulary and framework for coaching, led people to overcome their personality difference and subscribe to some best practices leading to effectiveness of the coaching sessions they conducted with their team members
  • Organization had better awareness of leadership competency and leadership pipelines and clarity on how to further develop their leaders
  • Team was equipped to not only help them to be better but also create a culture of client management withing their teams
  • Renewed sense of ownership and better interpersonal relations between coaches (earlier managers) and their team members towards organizational goals