Case Studies


Enabling senior consultants of a leading global consulting firm to be thought leaders using Design Thinking

  • A 30+ year old global consulting firm (top 4 in their niche) moved its operations to India in 2005 and has grown significantly
  • The organization believes in the leadership theory that leadership can emerge from anywhere in the organization and they wanted to enable their Indian senior consultants (middle management group) to be thought leaders and bring about that push for innovation from India offices
  • The consultants were already under high workload and had little time for learning and development and engaging them in program was a challenge
  • Detailed assessment of the need was done, and key parameters defined for developing the thought leadership with the senior leaders of the organization
  • A detailed 4 step program was designed to take the group through assimilation cycle of learning resulting in adoption of learning
  • The case studies used in the design thinking workshop were designed based on the domain of the consulting firm so that people could related to it better for better retention of learnings
  • A 2-day workshop on design thinking was conducted which was experiential and made the group solve two problems using design thinking methodology, which made it engaging and hands on
  • At the end of day two, each participant was made to submit a short project they will work on and a detailed plan for execution was created by each
  • All content from the session was shared along with other relevant content
  • Each participant presented their project case to a wider audience at the end of the workshop
  • There were two online session conducted after several weeks of the session to restate the learnings
  • Deep adoption of learning by the senior consultants that led them to take the learnings to their client projects
  • Several internal projects were started by the consultants to drive innovation
  • Design thinking approach being propagated for solving client problems