Case Studies


Helping to devise a site strategy for a global technology firm headquartered in Europe and empower and support them to execute the strategy effectively

  • The HQ of the Organization was at a cusp of a strategic shift to be known as “XXX Technology Specialist” across the globe and wanted its Pune site to rise to the challenge
  • The Pune site of about 1000 people had immense potential however, they needed to draft its site strategy in alignment with the global strategy
  • Also, it needed to make sure to keep moving towards the site strategy while delivering exceptional work on Business as usual
  • Our approach was three phased where in phase 1 we aligned the leadership through an extensive 2 days offsite, workshop to define the strategic objective clearly and produce an action plan
  • In phase 2 we assessed their performance management system architecture and suggested relevant updates to align to the strategic goals
  • Phase 3 was to help identify the key competencies that leaders would need to deliver on the strategic goals and help them build those by first assessing and then developing them via leadership development program
  • The workshop was conducted as an offsite using an appreciative inquiry approach and was extremely successful two days work with the 10 leaders of the organization
  • The assessment of leader and environment was done with a thorough approach involving various instruments like BEI interview, 270-degree survey and team interview, helping create an Individual Development Plan for each leader. 1:1 coaching, and group sessions conducted to ensure leadership development
  • The Research on PMS provided 6 key areas for modification and the governance dashboard recommendation kept the overall initiative on track over time
  • The high degree of alignment among the top site leader and breaking of the silos of their functional areas to collaborate on this strategic initiative
  • High degree of motivation towards the site strategy due to the engagement of the leaders involved in creating its plan
  • Evolved leadership competencies of the site leaders and very tangible success towards the long-term site strategy