Case Studies


How targeted competence development led to people alignment for a team which was pseudo engaged with work, in a global consulting firm

  • A large teams of a global consulting firm had high engagement score on a firm wide employee engagement assessment, however the top leadership of the team felt the need for people to perform better and break out of their own shell and self-created limitations of their mind
  • Team was composed of extremely smart people with high subject matter expertise however their approach of engaging with work and sub teams within the large team, lead to frictions.
  • .Though a detailed culture assessment of the team was required, but leadership of this team didn’t have a way to convince the top leadership as the team's engagement score was very high.
  • Since, it was not possible to propose a detailed assessment, we suggested the leadership to create a L&D program for the entire team titled “Being world class”, the idea was to create a common vocabulary among the team members for them to adopt the desired interpersonal and intrapersonal behaviors
  • Also, the idea was to increase collaboration among the people and groups by intentionally creating L&D groups of people from various verticals within the team.
  • Entire team was divided in two broad groups viz Management group and Execution group and separate set of competency development programs were designed for them that were delivered through Classroom workshops with experiential learning methodologies
  • The learnings were restated in group clarification session where the team had opportunity to interact with facilitators and other leaders of team Kognitivus and clarify if they have been able to apply the concepts learned.
  • Group interactions and breaking of silos was achieved by execution of the program.
  • Manager are more self-aware and better equipped to handle different leadership challenges
  • Common vocabulary led people to overcome their personality difference and subscribe to some best practices leading the teams to function more optimally and to collaborate better
  • Unifying goals instilled a renewed energy in the teams and is being used as the guiding pillar in the most difficult challenges the team faces
  • Renewed sense of ownership and better interpersonal relations between team members and the culture of helping others and collaboration is on the rise