Case Studies

Client Stakeholder Management Workshop

Helping a client facing team to enhance their customer experience score by upskilling on the key client management skills, including the skills for client communication and client engagement.

  • The client organization, a research and analytics company based in Pune, was facing several challenges in one of their teams which had several client escalations.
  • The team of about 12 managers and leaders in this specific vertical had been working incessantly to create client experience but were not able to do so for some reasons.
  • The challenge was to help the leaders develop competencies which can help rebuild the client relationship and help them manage clients' expectations, communication and experience better. The stakes were high as critical business revenues were at stake.
  • Our approach had two important phases where in phase 1 we assessed the team's capability through a short survey to capture their pain points and also by interviewing the leaders of this group to capture issues faced by customers.
  • In Phase 2 we created a comprehensive workshop titled “Stakeholder Management for effective client relationship and experience” and delivered the workshop in the online mode to help each of the candidates with their challenges in managing clients well.
  • A Tailored survey of the group and an interviews of some key leader was conducted to identify the core issues faced by the organization in this area
  • The workshop designed was made totally interactive and targeted toward the issues faced by the people to make it real life for them.
  • Specific frameworks were created by Kognitivus to help the group use it for their client management challenges to ensure better client experience
  • A group clarification session was conducted post 8 weeks of the finishing the last session of the workshop to revise some concept and let people clarify any challenges they may be facing to apply the concepts in their daily life
  • Overall, the workshop was well appreciated and accepted from participants with a positive feedback score of 92%. This was the internal survey done the L&D team of the client's organization.
  • All the attendees were able to utilize the toolkits shared with them to start actively managing their clients better and more effectively.
  • Some of the real-life examples shared in the session were immediately applied and yielded positive results e.g., closing of a deal which was ongoing and using principle of client communication to close it better
  • Team was equipped to not only help them to be better but also create a culture of client management withing their teams