How to take leaders of an organization to the next level?

A growing technology company with 6 key leaders at the top was looking to grow at a faster pace however due to differences in leadership styles and individual personalities a lot of the decisions at top level were taking considerable time and sometimes forever. While all the leaders were fully invested in the growth of the organization, their misalignment on the approach led to stalled decisions and eventually halted growth.

All of them having a significant say in all decisions and individual areas to lead, made the situation even more challenging as their teams were used to a certain style of leadership and any changes would be a disruption for the teams.

After a detailed assessment of the organization and of the Leaders along with inputs from their team member, Kognitivus designed a multilevel leadership development program for the group spread over a period. The program consisted of classroom sessions, workshops, mentoring and coaching session, interleaved for maximum and target leadership development. Some of the key features of the program were

  • Pre-assessment for the leaders to be self-aware and for the facilitators to know the individual leadership gaps
  • Group sessions (Classroom sessions and workshops) to unleash leadership potential and create a common language of leadership. These were highly tailored for the organization making them highly effective
  • One on One session for each leader to help them address their individual goals and for self-discovery and personal growth
  • Leadership Convention for Alignment and for leaders to culminate the learnings in their business

Follow-ups for Adoption of learnings on the ongoing basis using online platforms and tools

The impact of this development program was manifold and can be elaborated as under:

  • A big win of this program was that the leaders started acknowledging that there is always need and scope to develop self to be able to lead others
  • All the leaders started developing a common language while discussing and solving their routine problems
  • Putting the purpose of the organization ahead of personal purpose is a sign of great leadership and that was another impact we could create through the program. The entire leadership not only had a shared goal but also learnt how to make it the unified purpose of their teams as well
  • They started showing signs of creating and using similar norms in their teams that in turn helps creating a strong culture for any company
  • They also started sharing common goals as leaders of the same organization
  • Became even more nimble towards any change that may impact their business and learnt how to be drivers of critical changes
  • Learnt the art of collaborating and making it an important ingredient of the culture of their company
  • Another very significant acknowledgement was that People need to be developed and their needs be a conscious effort and investment on that. This leads to improved engagement and productivity. It is a very important part of a leader’s role to invest in developing his/her people
  • The leaders could be seen using same set of values and logic while taking decision, leading the unison in decision making as well

The success and impact of this program was easy to assess, as even before we culminated the entire program for the Leadership group, we were asked to run the same program for the next in line leaders.

Client: Domain Specific Technology Company

Strength: 300+

Services: People Development

Duration: 9 months

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